Webcast projects: diversions created for display via a web browser.

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Social Networking for a Cause

The goal was to have my pro-environmental print, All Our Eggs in One Basket, seen in all 50 U.S. states and as many other countries as possible. The print received over 4,000 views and was documented as being seen in 38 U.S. states and several other countries through a social networking site. Although the social networking site was discontinued before the project could be completed, clicking the image at left shows a screenshot of the project which includes the view count.

A Matter of Memory: Snow in Philadelphia (FLASH install required)

This contemplative photographic webcast is a chronicle of memories which is sectioned into three distinct areas representing impressions of personal experience over time. Hint: click the buttons at the bottom right of the screen to transition from present to past. Flash plug-in required.

Artist's Statement:

Southwest Art Game (FLASH install required)

10 second theater on the role of pixels vs. painting.

Snow in Philadelphia: A Matter of Memory, Part I (FLASH install required)

The original version of the Flash project inspired by a walk with my digital camera in the city of Philadelphia when it was blanketed in pure white.

Bryce Studio Project

The original Studio website circa the 1990's. Each room features a short whimsical stop animation vignette using 3-D artwork. Starting with the screening room, additional rooms were added over time.
(hint: in the Backyard, keep clicking on the image til nothing more happens.)

Selections from Love

Human emotion and feeling are conveyed through simple digital forms in this series of gender-neutral, race-neutral figures. The series emphasizes similarities shared by all humanity: a physical form, feelings, the desire to be happy and the capacity for sorrow.

Artist's Statement:

Selections from Lamentations

Continued exploration of the range of human experience in the universally shared exchanges of disappointments and loss.

Community Digital Art Project: Portrait of an Exhibition

Visitors to the Lejeune/Tapscott digital art exhibition 2000 participated by being photographed and writing a brief message. The resulting internet collage is a portrait of the exhibition.