Studio Lejeune: Digital Art and Design

Offering individual contemporary artwork and custom mixed media on canvas art installations.

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Art Process: I am the originator of the shape combining, "constellation" style of wall art installation. My experiments with creating round work in 2006 led to developing my signature style and my first installation of this type was installed in 2012. In my installation work, I often use round artwork of small, medium and large sizes combined together to create elegant patterns. Many viewers comment that my organic installation work reminds them of a constellation. As my work evolved, I began incorporating other shapes such as rectangles and squares, as well. A pattern of canvases can suggest a sequence, an emotion or a larger context.

My work contains a digital component. I believe the development of digital work as fine art media is exciting
and exploring various types of digital media continues to be meaningful to me. The present day is an exciting time for digital art, similar to the time when traditional photography was new and was not yet well understood as a fine art medium.

Although I work with several types of digital media, I frequently use 3D software in creating my wall-hanging artwork. The software is similar to the kind used to create 3D animated films to build a composition or world within the virtual environment of the computer. This virtual world or sculpture can then be 'photographed' (rendered) from any angle: top, bottom or sides. The 3D digital process is a unique and time-consuming process that can be thought of as a combination of sculpting and photography. My Flight series work are experiments with particle effect drawing, featuring birds and other creatures that overcome gravity through flight.

Short Bio: Lori Lejeune explores the intersection of art and technology using digital tools to create her work. Her artwork has been included in over 100 exhibitions throughout the U.S. and is included in corporate, private and museum collections. Collectors include: Charter Management Company, the Fulton County Georgia Public Art Collection, Museum of South Texas, Mexic-Arte Museum, and the University of Texas Benson/Romo Collection, among others.

In addition, she provides digital design to corporations and educational institutions. Past client work includes Cottonelle, Holiday Inn, Kodak, MCI, Manheim, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, University of Pennsylvania, and Verizon Business. :: view portfolio ::

Please note that I gratefully acknowledge datasets from 3D Cafe and Platinum Pictures in creating my work.

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public art projects include:

• Urbanfronts event, Atlanta. site specific installation;
• Serie Print Project commission, Art in Public Places at Municipal Building & other locations. City of Austin;
• Austin Bergstrom Internat'l Airport, Austin TX. Juried selection. Temporary installation of 10 artists.

media recognition:

Television, radio, and publications including the San Francisco Chronicle, Austin-American Statesman, Atlanta's CommonCreativ Magazine, BurnAway, New Orleans Times-Picayune, San Jose Magazine, and Arriba: Art & Business News.

prior exhibitions in:

New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Silicon Valley.

highlighted museum exhibits:

• Triton Museum, Santa Clara, CA, "Making Her Mark";
• Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX, "Serie Project";
• Museum of South Texas, "Women Artists in Texas."

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above: mixed media on canvas installation at Real Gallery, 2012
below: Flight series at Aviation Community Cultural Center, 2018



Taking Flight: Installation by Lori Lejeune at Aviation Community Cultural Center, mixed media on canvas, 2018.

At Southwest Arts Center, Atlanta, 2015


Studio Lejeune was formerly Lejeune Studios through 1999. If you wish to inquire about work created by Lejeune Studios, you've found the right place.

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Decatur Arts Alliance, 2017