Digital Artist @ Studio Lejeune

Digital photographs and Mixed Media artwork

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Mixed Media Installations on canvas
20 images

Body Language: Mixed Media Installations (20 images)

Human emotion and feeling are conveyed in this series of gender-neutral, race-neutral figures. The series explores the human condition using minimalistic digital representations that remove preconceived bias. The patterns are a meaningful part of the work, reinforcing the mood of the individual canvases. In the larger organic pieces the arrangement is like the flow of experiences and interactions in life. The installation work offers site-specific designs to enhance public and private spaces. Select the image at left to view more images.

  Artist's Statement

Archival prints, editions in 8x10" and 24x30"
11 images

Chess Constructions: Digital photographs (FLASH install required)

Like the game of chess, my artwork is both playful and serious. Chess imagery is a frequent hallmark of my work, although I'm not a chess player. The game has an appealing metaphorical quality which is suited to representing life's choices and challenges, victories and defeats. While much of my work celebrates the use of color, many of these pieces are sumptuously understated, pairing unconventionality with classic black and white. Several of the titles are references to named positions or situations in chess, such as "Bad Bishop" and "Zugzwang."

I use chess pieces to relate stories because it is an iconic game which has been in existence for thousands of years and it is not specific to a particular country like many other games. Because the game of chess has been long-lived and can be related to by people in many countries, I feel my chess images will continue to hold meaning for many people beyond my lifetime. (FLASH install required) Select the image at left to view images.

Kodak Supra Endura prints, editions in 8x10" and 24x30"
10 images

Beyond the Binary Code: Digital photographs

My imagery is unique and dream-like. Lamppost imagery, chess references, inviting color, humor and a narrative quality are hallmarks of my work. The process used to create my photographic pieces involves 3D software, which is like a combination of sculpting and photography; and exploring this new media is exciting and meaningful to me. However, creating the artwork is not a fast process and each piece takes quite a while to complete, usually about a month.

The three "Computer Art" images seen in this series are classically-based still life which self-referentially feature a computer while incorporating pieces of my previous artwork, also created using a computer. Select the image at left to view images.


Please note that I gratefully acknowledge datasets from 3D Cafe and Platinum Pictures in creating my work.